Welcome to Specialty Language Centre / Oxford College of English in Sydney. Our College is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney. We are a long established English Language College (for 29 years), exist side by side with a senior secondary school called Oxford College, Sydney and Oxford College (Advance Diploma and Diploma Programs).

Our College provides intensive, comprehensive and practical study programs to help improve your English and to prepare you for further studies and career opportunities, with well qualified and experienced teachers utilising the latest teaching methods and techniques. Specialty Language / Oxford College of English Centre is fully endorsed by the NEAS (National ELT Accreditation Scheme), a member of the English Australia (EA) and registered with the Australian Government.

Pathway Direct Entry Articulation

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General English (GE)

English for Academic Purpose (EAP)

High School Preparation (HSP)

English for Nursing and Other Health Care Professionals (ENOHCP)

English for Coordinating and Management of Welfare, Community and Childcare Services (ECMWCCS)

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